I have known Jackie Jacobs since July 2009 when I began working at the Quileute Tribe. Through her marketing brilliance, she has been (privately) credited with the passage of the legislation that will allow our tribe to move parts of our village out of a major tsunami zone. She focused the story on moving the Quileute Tribal School out of the tsunami zone for the safety of our children, who are the future of Quileute. That is the story that resonated with people. BLESSINGS
Emily Foster- Editor “The Talking Raven”, Quileute Tribe
Jackie’s leadership has been significant in our ability to identify critical stakeholders, shape messaging both internally and externally, and navigate the unique characteristics of working in Indian Country.
Susan Devine- Senior Consultant, Parametrix
From the moment I met Jackie, there was a prominent level of confidence, professionalism, knowledge and generosity, which stood out. She was an absolute dream to work with and taught me so much about marketing, successful selling, and just good work ethics. Jackie can always come up with a creative idea and make it happen. She has this incredible capability to listen well and understand the needs of anyone she encounters, and then she makes it happen. Jackie has truly been a “gift“ to me. I would not be where I am today without her shared knowledge, creativity, coaching, professionalism, smart business sense, and outgoing personality.
Kirk Gregor- Independent Broker
I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Jackie Jacobs when we hired her to complete a comprehensive marketing plan for our organization. The deliverable itself was an amazing document that was both informed through research and strategically aligned, and working with Ms. Jacobs is more than a transactional relationship for marketing deliverables. She takes a holistic approach to provide research, planning, and execution of strategies for success. Working with Jackie was both a pleasure and inspirational. I know she is genuinely invested in the success of our organization.
Angelique Albert- Executive Director, American Indian Graduate Center