Jackie’s story.


“Words Matter.” This is the mantra that motivates Jackie.

As a young girl, she would listen to her father as he told her magical stories  about the world beyond North Carolina, thus instilling a lifelong passion for travel and exploration. As a young woman and proud member of the Lumbee Tribe, she sought out wisdom and stories from elders and mentors at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke where she began her career in Public Relations. And now, as an established entrepreneur, author, business strategist, and communications specialist, Jackie Jacobs guides her clients through a discovery process to uncover the most powerful elements of their own stories in order to create brand messaging that is clear, concise, and consistent.

Jackie has spent her career harnessing that storytelling power, and she is a certified expert in leveraging strong narratives to fulfill a mission and purpose. She uses communication to break down barriers and open doors that appear to be permanently shut. From garnering national media attention to shed light on her own brother’s tragic disappearance, to securing historic legislation that returned sacred ancestral land back to the Quileute Tribe in Washington state, Jackie has proven her ability to craft messages that turn what some may call the “impossible” into the possible.

Jackie works with all of her clients to determine their mission, vision, and needs. Her process is high-touch and personal; she cares about developing individuals just as much as strategies because she understands that a leader’s mindset is the most fundamental key to success. Throughout all of her work, Jackie’s main purpose is to empower people and organizations to tell their own stories and understand that their “Words (really do) Matter.”

P.S. She loves hats.